Change Orders


You can now sell Change Orders within Jetbuilt. While it seems so obvious to everyone that we needed Change Orders, there were many incremental steps that needed to be taken to get here. 

For those of you familiar with our Options functionality, Change Orders works in the same manner. In fact, once your project is in “Construction” stage, all unsold options become Change Orders. Suddenly your client regrets that bad decision, and wants those larger displays you proposed earlier. Your Option is already sitting as a Change Order- simply present it to your client. 

We will be rolling out a tutorial video on this next week. 


We have also implemented a new Project Stage Indicator. All projects still begin as a lead, but now you can visually track the current stage in your Project Overview. As your job progresses, simply click the Move button to migrate the project.

We are recording when these movements happen, so we can begin to give you much deeper sales analytics on your dashboard.


We are excited to add Key Digital as a DPI+ partner. See all of your Key Digital products with your dealer pricing inside of Jetbuilt. We continue to build our Plus partners almost daily.