New Features, CEDIA Lounge, PM Preview!

Here is a quick Jetbuilt update – starting with a quick video:

From the Great Pacific Northwest Paul tells us about two new helpful features.

Here’s a screenshot of the new price list date indicators – showing both direct and distribution instances:


The Jetbuilt Micro-Lounge will make another appearance at CEDIA next month!  

Visit us at 5705. Relax and have a beverage while we explore solutions to all things AV. 

September 7-9 


For those of you that have expressed interest in our upcoming PM functionality, here’s sneak peek at some of the progress. We are currently testing task creation in the Jetbuilt Builder. 

As you add items to your projects, you can optionally create your installation tasks. Large tasks are broken into smaller steps – as granular as you like. You can see this in the image below.

Once your project is in construction, simply assign each task to the appropriate techs (individually or in bulk). 

You can opt to create your tasks manually in the task area, but consider the long-term power of hundreds of tasks and steps being automatically created as your sales team quotes their projects. 

More updates on this to come!

Until next time, thanks again for using Jetbuilt and keep those comments coming!

Cheers from California,

Paul Dexter