Designer Update and More


Don’t forget to drop by and say hello next month at InfoComm. We will be at booth C8343 (next to Toshiba, AJA Video and Planar). 

Naturally we will be doing demos for folks, but we are also there to talk about the future of Jetbuilt. Come with your wish lists, comments, and general good cheer. 


We had terrific response to our first webcast last month on the power of better proposals. We are forging ahead with more topics- the next was inspired by one of our Jetbuilt users.

While large-scale projects typically have a fully documented AV design from which to bid, sadly the majority AV projects require some or all of the design to to be done just to put together a quote. 

We want to express various solutions to this issue. If you have ideas to share, reply to this email. Some of you have expressed terrific solutions in this area and may want to share.


• We have added 4 new Dynamic fields for proposals : Project Owner First and Last Name, Project Number and Project Version.

• We made a dozen or so minor updates to the new Report Designer. 

• We added a “Stock Images” tab to your image library. Now you can pull from a nice (and growing) assortment of license free stock images for your proposals. They work especially well for background images. Keep in mind, you can still edit them however you like, which will then save them into your “My Images” tab.


The last few weeks we have been answering to many of your feature requests. As the Jetbuilt development team grows, we are able to build more deliberately, test more thoroughly, and roll out features reliably. Over the next few weeks we will be launching:

• “View no Margins” privilege type. Your team can view and populate projects, but see no margins or costs.
• Hide and Share projects between your team, while Admin can see all projects.
• Hide and Share projects between your office locations. Admin can see all projects.
• Tax on Equipment becomes optional line by line.
• Quickbooks Enterprise Integration launches.
• Item and Labor tax indicators in the Builder item list. See which items are being taxed at a glance.
• Fully edit your Jetbuilt Bundles. Add and Delete items from bundles.
• “Add new Items” user privilege type. Limiting users from adding items to your database.
• Almo Distribution products and dealer pricing integrated into Jetbuilt for Almo dealers.