Tax On Labour


Our UK users in particular have been very patient waiting for our Taxable Labour feature. Here in the U.S., we are lucky to pay tax on labor in only rare cases. For those many countries who charge tax on most or all labor, Jetbuilt has now made it easy with these 4 options:

1 – In your COMPANY SETTINGS you can now check the box “Tax All Labor by Default”. Tax on Labor will then be applied to each new line item you add to projects. 

2 – Within each project, there is now a TAXABLE LABOUR OPTIONS tool. This allows you to apply labor tax to ALL or NONE of your line Items in one click. 

3 – When you Add or Edit any line item, there is a TAX LABOUR ON THIS ITEM checkbox. This is perfect for the regions where labor is only taxed in specific cases.

4 – In areas of the world where labor is taxed at a unique rate (different from the equipment tax rate), you now have the ability to set independent tax rates. This option is now in your COMPANY SETTINGS.


We created another 3 minute tutorial video this week with some big time saving tips. This video shows you how to duplicate projects, duplicate and deactivate rooms and systems, and more.


D.A.S. and Hidden Vision are now partners in our Dealer Pricing Integration program. If you are a dealer, feel free to add them in your manufacturers area and request your pricing. More verbal agreements were made this week and will launch in the next week or two.


Our Quickbooks integration is in testing now. We expect to launch it next week, saving you even more time.

Once again, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through email, phone or live chat within Jetbuilt. We love to hear your feedback, answer your questions, and build a Jetbuilt that works for you.