Jetbuilt Power Tools / Taxing Shipping

This week we introduce some much anticipated new functionality inside of Jetbuilt.


In the “Edit Item” overlay of the builder you have a new section of Power Tools:

UPDATE ITEM  This function will update every instance of the current item across every room in your project. You can now update the price for 200 speakers across 45 rooms with a single action. 

REPLACE ITEM  Need to swap out every one of your speakers with a different model? Simply add the new model, then select which model you want to replace. In one action every instance of the old item will be replaced across all rooms, preserving the original quanitites.


You can now collect tax on shipping. In your company settings you can select to charge tax on shipping by default. Inside your projects you can override for each item as needed.
For the full stories and more, here’s the video:

Paul risks cutting off his leg (and other critical body parts) to show us just how powerful some of the new features are in Jetbuilt.