Purchase Orders Are Coming

It has been a busy week at Jetbuilt. We relocated our offices, trained up new support folks, tested new functionality while designing future features – and more. 


Next week at ISE we launch our Purchase Order tool. We have been using this tool during our testing, and we must say- it makes Creating POs for your projects almost fun. This PO tool rolls out free to our users as a preview to our Project Management solution. 

PO features:
•    Define custom Project Phases for your company.
•    Define the Project Phase of each item as you drop it in your project.
•    Define the Purchasing Source for each item (pushed to all items from that manufacturer).
•    Create a PO numbering scheme for your company.
•    When a project is in Construction Stage the new Management tab appears.
•    New Purchasing page shows all items by phase, and generates POs for that phase.
•    Rounds order quantities to next whole number (i.e. 3.25 boxes of cable become 4 boxes on the order).
•    Allows any items already sourced via retail, or in inventory.

Watch for this functionality on Monday. We will create a tutorial video and share more details in the next weekly update.


For those of you attending ISE next week, look for us at booth DL146. We would love to meet you, hear your stories, and answer questions. Look for us near our friends at the rAVe Europe booth.