Engineering / Scrub Launched & Service Module Coming Soon

Engineering/Scrub is now live in Jetbuilt! This and the big news of our upcoming Service Module in this update.

Here is the quick video run-down:

Engineering / Scrub Launched

Companies now have the ability to require that a project is removed to passed through a scrub process, where an engineer must approve every item in a project before releasing it. The Engineer stage can be set before Proposal or before Installation stage.

To validate the project, the assigned engineer can add required items to the project or use the Swap button to swap out an item for another, all the while watching the Comparator, where they can track that their changes are staying as close to budget as possible.

Additionally, you can now assign a Project Manager to your projects and any items that have been scrubbed by an engineer can then be released by the PM into the Purchasing area. This allows for pre-install type items to be released for purchase early.

Scrub is included in the Enterprise platform, so you can enjoy this today. Reach out to our support team to help with any setup in your account, or check out these help articles.

Service Module Coming Soon!

Many of you have been asking for this functionality, but first we had to build everything that a service module needs, including a fully developed Project platform, Assets, Install, Funnel, CRM and Stock.

Service Cases can be easily created in your front office. However, a Case can also be automitcally generated from an end user scanning a QR code on an item that is acting up.

Service will tie into Assets where you can see warranty info, serial numbers, logins, etc, and check if the project/item is in warranty or has a service package on it.

If you are interested in discussing service, please reach out to Tom Peters on our team for a conversation at [email protected]. He can set up a call to go over our planned functionality and also hear what your needs are.

ISE, InfoComm & cavlo – May & June

We’re making the rounds at upcoming shows and look forward to connecting with you in May at ISE Barcelona and cavlo Nashville, and June at InfoComm Las Vegas.

Come by, say hello and find out more about the new Service Module!

Thank you again for using Jetbuilt.

Paul and the Jetbuilt team

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