Almo Pricing Integration and More


Almo dealers, the wait is over! Visit your VENDOR area and connect your company to see your Almo pricing as you work in Jetbuilt. Estimate faster!



• VIEW MY BUNDLES – In your Vendors/Products area you can now see a list of your bundles, You can also delete bundles in this area.

• ENTER LABOR AS MINUTES, HOURS OR PRICE – Enter labor any way you like.

• A4 AND LETTER PAGE SIZES – You can now create reports in A4 page size and output them as a PDF. You can set your default page size in your company settings, but still create both sizes at will.

• TEAM VIEWING BY PROJECT – Share your project with all or only a portion of your team. Company admin will still see all projects.

 U.S. USERS DEFAULT TAX RATES – Some users in U.S. have been wanting to bypass the smart tax rate feature, and simply use a default rate (such as 0% for those that primarily perform government projects).

• WIDER BUILDER WINDOW – We have allowed large-screen users to now take advantage of the real estate. Much longer item and description fields can be seen. (This also paves the way for optional additional columns for enterprise users).


OPTIONS FUNCTIONALITY – We are in final testing this week for a launch on Monday. You will be able to add option groups such as “Larger Displays”, “Optional Control System”, “Service Package”. These options will be presented in your proposal in detail with scope, but also on your summary page where the customer will be able to purchase these options without the need for an additional contract.

IPAD APP – We are in production of our iPad app. (Yes, iPad was the winner based on customer feedback last week 20:1). Drop items into your project very quickly while in front of the client on a walk-through. Expect the app to be available late August.