Technical Data Fields, Summit & Service updates

We’re excited to share some new updates with you, including our new Techncial Data Fields and updates to Service, along with our invitation to join us for Jetbuilt Summit, which is just around the corner.

Here’s Paul’s quick video run-down:

Technical Data Fields Enhance Engineering Functionality

Jetbuilt Technical Data Fields

Engineering Enhancements in 2022

In 2022 we set out to strengthen the engineering aspects of the platform. We launched Engineering Scrub, a feature available to everyone, to give you the ability to ensure a project is technically reviewed before moving to the next stage. Then we launched JEL, Jetbuilt Engineering Lab, to provide an integrated solution to commission drawings and documentation within the Jetbuilt workflow.

Technical Data Fields

Further enhancing the engineering process, we have provided the ability to turn on technical data columns within the Builder, including rack units, watts consumption, BTU, and dimensions of items. Having a clear view of this technical information during the design process will help ensure a project is properly built and components such as rack space, power, heat ventilation, and weight capacity are accounted for, resulting in the smoothest possible installation process. Learn about Techncial Data here.

Service Module Email Updates

Email Automation

For those enjoying the automation of our new Service module, we have added email automation as well. You can now set up three types of confirmation emails to automatically go out to your client, including when an Anonymous Service Request has been received, a Service Appointment is scheduled, and when their Service Case has closed.

Email Sync

Like our Funnel lead care platform, your email account can now be synced to Service. This means as you send and receive emails with your client, those emails will show up in the timeline of the Service Case. Alternatively, you can email your client directly within the Service platform itself. Learn how to set up automated emails for Service here.

Register for Jetbuilt Summit

Jetbuilt Summit 2022

Our 3rd Annual Jetbuilt Summit is just a couple months away. Make sure you get registered to join us in Washington DC, November 10-11 to share, exchange, and discover concepts with other teams, all while helping to shape the future of the Jetbuilt platform.

We’ll be meeting, collaborating, eating, and even enjoying a cocktail hour at Lansdowne Resort. Learn more and get registered today.

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