Define Markup Tool, Default Payment Schedules

We have a couple of quick updates to share with you this week:


This tool has been widely used since the beginning, but this week we made two terrific improvements to it:

1- We moved it into the Edit Items tools, making it no longer project-wide (unless you want it to be).  You can select only the items you want to edit, and apply the tool to those. You can filter down rooms and systems, then use Select-All (or select just a few items) for quick margin-setting. You can also select ALL ROOMS and ALL SYSTEMS then Select-All, to have the tool affect every item in your project.

2- Define Markup or Margin. In addition to defining the markup % from your cost, you can now define your profit margin %. The tool will set your price field to achieve the margin you define – based on your cost (basically math magic).


While large-scale projects usually require custom payment terms, many projects can use a company’s standard terms. 

You now have a default payment terms section in your company settings. Simply populate this with anything you like, and this will populate into any new project. You will still be able to edit them inside the project as needed. 

Thanks again for using Jetbuilt! These features and nearly every other feature you see implemented have all come from your suggestions. We continuously ask for your input. While we don’t build every idea that comes in, we do carefully consider them against our overall values of fast process and clean interface. It is easy to bolt-on feature after feature, but we are committed to keep Jetbuilt from bloating out of control. In doing this we have been able to grow Jetbuilt into a robust platform to close more projects while saving you time – and making us a ton of new friends along the way.