Happy 5th Birthday Jetbuilt!

Jetbuilt turns 5 Years Old at Infocomm Virtual this week! In many ways it seems like just yesterday but in other ways it seems like a lifetime. From that first humble day at Infocomm 2015, Jetbuilt has grown into the leading AV project platform used by thousands of AV integrators, designers and facilities around the world.

Five years ago the three of us hopped on a plane to Orlando and set up our little booth in the back corner of the show. We demonstrated how this new web application could dramatically streamline and improve the way you populate and present your AV projects. 

Paul’s here to give you the full update in the video:

Paul discusses features we just launched, what we are working on currently, and how it feels with Jetbuilt turning 5 years old this week.

File Sharing Overhaul

For those of you taking advantage of the Files area, you are in for a treat! You can now filter, hide, send files to your techs, and more. You can also now upload very large numbers of files at one time. 

The File area has a new look. Starting with the filter bar on the left. You can filter the files in your list by various criteria.  We have added Spec Sheets to your files as well. Any item in your project that has a spec sheet attached will show up in this list. 

You can also filter your list to tech progress photos, such as this progress image of a projector being properly installed and dressed (but revealing that the ceiling tile requires attention – that’s the passive power of Jetbuilt’s Install platform in action).


You can now control access to certain files. 
Limit sensitive documents to Admin users, while sending certain files to techs in the field (Install Platform).


Technicians now have a FILE tab inside their projects. They can add new files, view files, download, filter and more.  They can easily click on a file to view the contents – even complex PDFs. 

Watch the video for more details as well as what else is brewing for the future. 


The Jetbuilt Team