Push/Pull Function

Jetbuilt is getting off to a rapid start this 2016! We are developing many new features for you guys, while refining others to streamline your workflow.

Here’s a short video update:


As you know, while estimating you are making many one-time changes to the items in a project. You may raise or lower the price, increase the labor values, but only as it pertains to that project. 

We have now added a way for you to PUSH those changes to your main database. Perhaps a change you make is a change you want for future uses of that item. You can also PULL in updates from your database. Perhaps you made so many changes to this line item that you lost track of reality. Relax, we have your back. Just pull it in again from the database. There is no need to delete the item and drop a new one back in.

One of our earliest Jetbuilt fanatics sent us this shot of his Power User setup. We were truly impressed!

Once again, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through email, phone or live chat within Jetbuilt. We love to hear your feedback, answer questions, and build a Jetbuilt that works for you.