Assets and Discussions

Over the last couple of weeks we have been improving and restructuring the product search functionality within Jetbuilt. Here are a few of the refinements:
•    Searches now pull from Manufacturer, Model and Description fields.
•    Searches now allow for partial words (“proj” brings back projectors)
•    Our improved indexing speeds these searches up dramatically

We have experienced a dramatic improvement with better and faster results. Remember, you will get to the product you want faster if you type in more information – such as “White Tannoy Bracket”.


This week we also present to you a new tutorial on our Assets and Discussions functionalities. These have both been a part of Jetbuilt for some time, but many of you seem to be unaware of them. 

You can upload any project documents, images, PDFs, spreadsheets and more. They are then available to you and your team anywhere on any device. It is very helpful to have these at your fingertips as a resource right where you are estimating.

Discussions allow you to ask your team questions, hand off projects, and simply create a record of your project conversation.

Check out this short video for some examples…