New Year Update

2015 has flown by in so many ways! Not just for us at Jetbuilt. As we have had hundreds of conversations with so many of you, it is clear that 2015 was a fast and productive year for many.

For 2016, we wish you all fresh and interesting AV challenges and successes as you continue to bring tech to life for your clients around the world!

Here’s a short video update:


Many of you have been asking for certain functionality within Jetbuilt. We have been building and testing as quickly as we can, and we roll our new functionality each week. 

2016 starts with a larger development team at Jetbuilt, so you can expect refinements to come at a faster pace, and in many unexpected ways. 

Once again, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through email, phone or live chat within Jetbuilt. We love to hear your feedback, answer your questions, and build a Jetbuilt that works for you.