Time Tracking Launches November 1st!

Since the launch of our Install platform, adding time tracking functionality has been our largest request. The wait is about over. On November 1st technicians will be able to clock in and out of projects, logging their time for both payroll and P&L purposes.


Paul has this running on his phone today – Here’s a quick video demo:

Announced at Summit in Texas we are now developing time tracking for our Install Platform. 

Techs can clock in and out, take their breaks and add work descriptions all on their phones, allowing for precise tracking of time for all projects. 

This data is pushed to the office in real time where you can monitor time and progress on a daily or long-term basis.

As the project carries on, Jetbuilt will present projections against the project’s contracted (As Sold) version.

Time data will also be available on our API for integration into 3rd party payroll, accounting and other processes.

If you are interested in using Time Tracking, let your favorite Jetbuilt support specialist know. They can provide you with additional information as we approach launch.

Time Tracking will be included within our Install Platform at no additional cost.


The Jetbuilt Team