Holiday Update – Email Sync, Summit

Well it’s that time of year again. The older I get the faster the years seem to fly by. It seems that 2019 just started and here we staring 2020 in the face.

It has been a remarkable year in many ways. In conversations with many of you, business has been so strong that you struggle to keep up with it. We have felt that here as your teams have grown, as well as the new companies that in 2019 made the move to Jetbuilt. It is an honor that in four years time Jetbuilt has become an industry standard for AV design and sales teams around the world.  are just getting started! This winter we launch our Enterprise CRM platform (a sneak peak of that launched today). We are also building dramatic new features into our Project and Install platforms this winter and spring. Including labor presets, time-tracking and much more.

So once again, thank you for using Jetbuilt. We thank you not only with words, but with continued innovations and improvements in the platforms. Here’s to a terrific 2020!

Paul brings holiday greetings and announces a few new spectacular features to finish up the year!


We will be gathering at the Marriot DFW Airport South March 26 and 27, 2020.
Registration is NOW OPEN to all Jetbuilt users. Early registration is discounted until January 31


Email composing and viewing will be part of our upcoming Enterprise CRM.

Today we launch a preview with the ability to view email conversations between your team and clients, all within your timeline.

To view your email conversations:

1- SETTINGS/TEAM check the new Funnel Email Sync permission for you and anyone on your team who you wish to see emails. Only team members with this permission will see emails. By default nobody has this permission and only Admin can activate it. 

2- SETTINGS/ME each team member can connect their email account(s).

You will then see all conversations between anyone on your team (who is connected) and all contacts for the client, along with all attachments. Conversations are grouped and organized into your timeline. You can filter your timeline to see Tasks, Notes, Emails or All.

We hope you enjoy this preview and we look forward to your comments. As always we design new features like this then roll them out incrementally so that your feedback becomes part of the final product.


You can now select to view a project’s goal budget even beyond Opportunity stage and in the Builder. This is the budget figure you give any new project, which is also editable in Project Details. You can select to see it at all times or only in Opportunity and Estimate stages.

You can adjust this in: SETTINGS/COMPANY/DEFAULTS

Thank you again for using Jetbuilt!

Cheers to the New Years,