Greetings from InfoComm 2021 in Orlando, Florida! Many feared that Covid may have killed another great gathering of AV professionals, but this is a great show! Our booth is as busy as the InfoComms of years past, and the best AV manufacturers in the world are here with us!

If you are in town, be sure to drop by and say hello. We can show you what is new in Jetbuilt.

Here is the quick video run-down:

Stock Module Updates!

While Stock is in beta, we have been adding functionality to it week by week. Here are some of the highlights:

Project Area Stock Page

Inside of your project, you can now click on the STOCK link to present the list of items in your project. This filterable list will show you the status of each item: Ordered, Received, Warehouse, Trucks, or the Project.

Movement Log

Click on an item to present the Movement Log. At a glance you can see the date the item was received, each movement of that item, and who on the team made the move.

End-User Item Scanning

Long after your project is completed your end users can scan the laminated QR codes on the devices you installed.

Perhaps you installed the project a few years ago and there is a new owner of that building who has no idea where to go for service. They see a QR code and they simply scan with their phone camera.

They will be presented some basic information about the item: Serial number, installation date, warranty information. You configure what you want them to see.

Most importantly, they see your logo and company information. They can click to go to your service website, or click to call for service.

If you have not yet experienced Stock simply reach out to support. They can activate an evaluation period for you and give you some help to get started.

Here is a video showing some of the core Stock functionality:

Global Initiative

Our biggest news is the Jetbuilt Global Initiative. Currently 25% of the Jetbuilt community is outside of the U.S. But that is still overly U.S. focused. Jetbuilt has a strong desire to better serve and respect the global community.

Over the next 18 months we will be taking various large steps. We will be adding local languages for the countries we serve. We are opening a business hub in London who’s team will provide local support to that part of the world.

These steps will not only better support AV teams based in those countries, but also global teams who collaborate on projects each while working in their own offices around the world.

There is much more to this campaign. Click here to read the full Global Initiative press release.

Jetbuilt Summit 2021

Summit was a great time of community, sharing, exchanging ideas, and networking. If you missed it, there is always next year! We will announce Summit 2022 in the coming months for a Fall Summit event date.

Thank you again for using Jetbuilt,

Paul and the Jetbuilt team