Jetbuilt Launches!

Jetbuilt Rethinks AV Estimating this week at InfoComm in Orlando, as we launch to the public. A big thanks goes out to all of you testers for your feedback and ideas over these last several months. The ideas you have shared have shaped the product that we launch this week. Those of you that want to continue using Jetbuilt will be greatly rewarded.

Here are a few updates:


This final week we launch our revolutionary proposal editor and generator. From your main nav bar you will now see a “Reports” tab. There you can select from an assortment of page types, then edit them visually into your own creation. Many have full-page graphics (use our photos or your own), others are clean and minimal. We have included cover pages, company “pitch” pages and line item pages. If you can drag and drop, you can create your proposal here.

After you customize your pages, you can then create your go-to groups of those pages and save those groups to pull from within a project.

Now, within any project, click “Reports”. This is where you can generate a multi-page PDF proposal using one of your saved groups.

We launch this week with proposal pages. Company reports, project update reports and more will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Got 2 minutes? Check Jetbuilt out with this video.


We wouldn’t be honest about slashing your time estimating projects if we didn’t implement an extremely fast and intuitive “Item Bundle” functionality. Say you commonly install brand X’s ellipsoidal light fixture. You also sell lamps for it from Brand Y. You sell an Edison connector that you buy at your local supplier, and a clamp and safety cable from yet another vendor. 

Simply drop all these items into your project. At any time in our project builder, click “Create Bundle”. An overlay will appear with every item in that room. Check-box the ones you want to put in this new Bundle and give it a Bundle name. Now the next time you add that fixture, this bundle will appear as an option. Items within a bundle can have independent quantities from each other. (1 speaker, 2 connectors and 1 bracket, and you can sell 10 of these bundles and those ratios will be accounted for).

The bundle functionality is built and we are currently testing. We are demoing it at InfoComm, and will roll it into our application in the next couple of weeks.


If you are in Orlando this week, stop on by Booth 428 in the Audio Pavilion. We can answer any questions you have, listen to your feedback, and show you the newly released features of Jetbuilt!