Got Boxes? Use the new Box Sales page type!

Another week, another batch of functionality in Jetbuilt:


Many of you have been using workarounds for quoting Box Sales. Starting today you can use our new Box Sales page type. 

From the Designer, click “Add New” and select the Box Sales type then customize as needed.  Create a Box Sales Group with that new page and you are ready to start moving boxes!


You can now add a default payment schedule for each of your clients. This means you can keep a default for your company as well as clients. Each new project will first pull from the client. If no default exists for client, it will pull from your company. You can still edit the text inside each project as needed. 

Last but not least, you can now change the “Owner” of a project. This update is not groundbreaking enough to demand a fancy header, but worthy of mention nevertheless.
*In order to use this new functionality, you must first purchase, upgrade, or install absolutely nothing! A continuously improving Jetbuilt is all part of your subscription. Enjoy!