Options, Change Orders, Sharing

This Summer things are heating up at Jetbuilt. Those of you using Jetbuilt daily are already seeing this, but for some of you weekly or monthly users, let me update you:


Last week we launched our long-awaited Optional Items functionality. Now you can add packages of items and services, then present it to your customer as optional upgrades (or even downgrades). These items can optionally replace items already in your proposal, and the cost difference is presented to your client. 

The customer can purchase an option right from the proposal (as shown in the image below). Once sold, you can merge those items into your project (which replaces any of the associated items, if any).

Change orders

As you can imagine, our Optional Items functionality paves the way for our (also long-awaited) Change Order functionality. By later next week you will be able to create change orders for any project in construction. Sell new products and services, credit back items within the original contract, and send a new Change Order proposal to your client.

Project sharing

Also launching in the next couple of weeks is our Project Sharing functionality. Many of you are consultants, universities, large churches, theme parks, and more. You use Jetbuilt for RFPs. Soon you will be able to share those RFPs directly inside of Jetbuilt.

Your shared project will show up in your recipients project list. They will see your populated items, outlined scopes, drawings, photos and more. They can ask questions, make their item alternates, add their integration factors, and more. You can share a live document that you can both edit, or share a static copy where you do not see their edits. Your recipient will not be able to share this project elsewhere.



aurora multimedia

We are excited to add Aurora Multimedia as a DPI+ partner. See all of your Aurora products and your dealer pricing inside of Jetbuilt. We continue to build our Plus partners almost daily.