When you chose Jetbuilt, you no longer have to pay for large annual software upgrades. Each week we launch new features and refinements, making the estimating experience more efficient each time you use Jetbuilt.


You can now create bundles of your favorite items for future recall. For example:
• 1 Light Fixture
• 2 Lamps (maybe you always sell a spare)
• 1 Safety Cable
• 1 Clamp
• 1 Edison Connector

Like much of Jetbuilt, you do not need to set these bundles up in the back end. Simply add the items to your project the way you normally do. Click CREATE BUNDLE, Then check off the items you want to include.

The next time you drop that light fixture into a project, you will see the bundles it resides in along with the “Use Bundle” link. You can then drop the bundle into your project with one click. 

A Bundle can contain many items, and an item can be in many Bundles. All associated labor and costs are retained and calculated for the project totals.


We have been asked how to export your data for the projects you sell. We have relocated the Export link to the Project’s Overview page, in the Estimating Tools section. 

Click it and the CSV file will be dropped into your download folder with all pertaining fields for all line items in the project.