Polar Vortex Update – CRM and more


But things are heating up at Jetbuilt. We just launched our new Client Detail page! So many of you are looking for simple and fast CRM features within Jetbuilt. This week we brought the first of such features to you with this new area. Enter much more information on your clients and their contacts. Also track their pipeline of open projects. Next week you will also see our Task section appear giving the power to drop less balls.

Watch the video below as Paul runs down the new Client Detail area and more… 


This week we also launched some highly requested updates in this area. We added the ability to tie your optional packages to rooms. This allows you to present an upgrade right in the room it lives, rather than at the end of the line item pages. You can also have your upgrade or change order items replace multiple items within your project, rather than the one to one relationship in the past.

We hope you enjoy this new flexibility and trust that it will help you save even more time, and close even more projects!