Populate Projects from Millions of AV Products

Create an internal program document with room by room functional scopes of work for budget approval, or build a detailed project that is ready for bid

Request Quotes Inside the Platform

Share with integrators to collaborate, receive quotes, and more - or pass to your consultant to complete the design and take it from there

Use the Bid Comparison Tool

Easily view multiple bids quickly and efficiently, analyzing adherence to the original design, pricing, values, and other factors to award the project

Collaborate from Conception to Installation

Collaborate regarding optimum design and specific products, while sharing site photos, drawings, and conversation to best meet the required scope and budget

These collaborative processes are far more efficient, faster, and cost effective than in the past.


Design Projects from Millions of AV Products

Easily select individual items or product bundles, while seeing details including MSRP, technical data such as rack units, heat loads and power requirements

Collaborate with Manufacturers

Collaborate regarding optimum design and product fit to best meet the required scope and budget of the client, as well as request bid pricing

Collaborate with Integrators 

Send a digital RFP to Integrators who can ask questions, exchange ideas, offer alternates, apply labor and other costs, then return the project quote presenting their unique values

Use the Bid Comparison Tool

Easily view multiple bids quickly and efficiently, analyzing adherence to the original design, pricing, values, and other factors to award the project.

This is the work you already do - now done more efficiently.


Receive Projects from End-Users and Consultants

Receiving the RFP in Jetbuilt allows your team to simply apply your costing, labor and other elements, with the ability to offer options without disturbing base bid 

Collaborate with End-Users and Consultants

View the shared project files, documentation, and carry on discussion threads with each party throughout the design or bidding process

Register Projects with Individual Vendors

Use the Project Registration tool to obtain and validate project pricing from vendor, who offers product insight, and enters any incentives directly into the project 

Manage and Share Asset Information with Clients

Manage assets and share with end-user their required serialized equipment list, including IP addresses, passwords, warranty information, and more

Collaboration and integration reduces your costs and increases accuracy, protecting your bottom line.


Dynamic Project Quoting

Dealers share project items and scope allowing interaction, presentation of alternate items, values, and pricing

Participate in Process

Distributors are made aware of projects they might have otherwise not known about and can provide lead-time visibility, technical data, and more

Receive Registration Information

Project registration information can be received from manufacturers to provide integrators with appropriate project costs and lead times

Stabilize Product Costs

Lock in pricing for the project to avoid cost creep and reduce pricing errors on Purchase Order submissions

Early project awareness and engagement means better outcomes.


Interactive Project Registration

Dealers directly register their projects to individual vendors sharing items, project details, and scope,  allowing the opportunity to suggest additional values, offer incentives, and more.

Collaborate with End-Users and Consultants

Projects are presented for collaboration and, product fit, while you gain insight into the needs of the global market.

Share Project With Distributors

Project registration information can be shared with selected distributors to provide integrators with appropriate project costs and lead times

Provide Critical Product Data

Keep all parties up-to-date with the critical information on your product line - technical data points, descriptions, BIM models, cutsheets, pricing, and more

More collaboration on projects allows for deeper engagement and product placements.


Let Bruce know you're interested in participating with us. He'll be happy to discuss details, answer any questions and get you set up.

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Bruce MacIntosh
Director of Vendor Partnerships

Complex AV, IT or Security Project?
Bid it & Build it with Jetbuilt.


Create complex proposals in hours, not days, helping you close more projects faster.


Intuitive interface, millions of pre-populated items, & customizable templates.


Realtime collaboration with internal and external teams, integrated labor & costing.

AV, IT & Security professionals build complex projects. They deserve better than clunky spreadsheets and docs.

Meet Jetbuilt.


The easy-to-use platform AV, IT & Security professionals deserve.

  • Tracks opportunities and projects in your pipeline.
  • The Dashboard shows you a high-level view of everything going on.
  • Supports real-time collaboration between clients, vendors, and team members.
  • Builds proposals, tracks installs, & fills your funnel.
  • Tracks team activity in realtime.
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Build your first project quickly and easily

  • Everything for your project all in one place.
  • Millions of pre-populated items.
  • Intuitive interface, NO steep learning curve.
  • Margin tracking simplified.
  • Labor time and costs integrated.

Build your first project quickly and easily

Connect to your dealer pricing for all the products you buy

…and hundreds more

Compile your finished project into a professional proposal or RFP in minutes

Compile your finished project into a professional proposal or RFP in minutes

  • Save the many hours it normally takes to convert all your data into a winning proposal.
  • Not a graphic designer? Start with our fantastic templates and customize as you like.
  • Optionally deliver proposals within the app, and monitor client views.

Build your next project even faster using saved items & bundles

  • Create blue custom bundles of items once, use them over and over.
  • Your favorite items show up in bold.
  • Millions of AV, IT and Security items on tap for your projects at all times.
  • As you customize an item, it is saved for your next project.
  • Add labor costs to each item, or to the bottom line if you prefer.

Choose your path to completing projects faster

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Want more? Use Jetbuilt to manage & track project installs too…

  • The Timeline shows if you are on track or getting behind schedule.
  • Monitor the installation calendar.
  • Track time and progress.
  • Communicate through installation issues.

…and to manage & fill your sales funnel.

  • Easily monitor your sales funnel against your goals.
  • Know at a glance what is on your plate.
  • Track your sources and filter the types of opportunities.
  • Our Heat indicator tells you which leads are hot, and which are getting cold.

…and to manage & fill your sales funnel.

Who’s already using the power of Jetbuilt?

Jetbuilt has changed the way we conduct business. Their product, support, and integration with our manufacturers’ pricing has made developing proposals more efficient and accurate. The end result is a dynamic, professional looking proposal that stands out giving us an edge over our competitors. Their team has been a pleasure to work with and has met every one of our many custom modifications. The backend Metrics and real time data will allow you to estimate your business today and forecast for tomorrow.

Joseph Yost

CCS Presentation Systems

Jetbuilt has significantly raised the bar for our proposals. The organization tools and flexibility are outstanding, response from Paul and his team encouraging, and final proposals are polished and winning contracts.

Adam Henderson

CSD Group, Inc

Kicks A$$!

Brian Jenkins

Innovative Living Group • Bozeman, MT

Jetbuilt was integral to simplifying and streamlining our quoting process.

Stephen Bromfield

Florida International University

Jetbuilt has provided my sales team with a CRM tool that we’ve dreamt about. Opportunities no longer fall through the cracks – and we have true visibility of everyone’s actions and pipeline. Thank you for developing a product truly intended for our industry.

Andrew Davis

Gramophone • MD, USA

Our proposal generation has been streamlined in an instant and the system is very user friendly, well done Jetbuilt!

Andy Sullivan

Tateside • London, England

Hey guys, just heard some feedback from a customer saying she chose our bid over 2 others purely based on the proposal…

Ross Stevenson

Powerplant Home Automation • Brighton, UK

Jetbuilt has streamlined the sales process by accurately estimating hardware allowing Technomedia Solutions to provide transparent proposals to clients.

Alisica Ramesar

Estimating Logistics Manager • Technomedia

I’m so glad to have found this tool… considerably less clunky and more modern than…

Nicolai Landschultz

Indigozest • Amersham, England

Hi Guys,I wanted to drop a quick line to say how much I am enjoying using your program.I had been using a competitor’s product previously and while it did have some great features, it just wasn’t polished and was very cumbersome to operate. Jetbuilt on the other hand is very intuitive and as I play with it I’m finding features that are really impressive.Just now I created a series of P.O.’s and it was painless and they looked great!

Pierluigi Cozzi

Di Takon Design • Ontario, Canada

We really appreciate your customer support and promt response time, far better than what we had before.

Michael Mullen

Stellar Home Systems • Cincinnati, OH

We use a number of cloud-based services for various portions or our business, and none are as fluid or well thought-out as yours.

Lee Dickinson

Advanced Visual Production • Richmond, VA

Hey guys! I just created and sent out 3 sizable proposals while in a car on my phone!!!! Fantastic!

Vincent King CTS, DMC-E

King Audio Video Integration and Consulting • Las Vegas, NV

Hello! I have been using JetBuilt for over a month and I have to say, you’ve made a great product.

John Gowin

ONYX Theaters • Oklahoma City, OK

Love the tool…I’m hooked

Michael Mullen

Stellar Home Systems • Cincinnati, OH

Seriously now. Every change I have asked for, every bit of help I’ve needed, and even features that I didn’t know I needed…you guys have always delivered. I love how fast you are adapting and improving the software!

Doug Lehr

Lehr Custom AV Systems

Work how and where you like.

Built on the cloud, Jetbuilt allows your team to work anywhere you like on any device you prefer.

Designed, Built, and Fantastically Supported by our amazing team.

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