New Reports, WooCommerce, and more!

It’s been another wild week at Jetbuilt. We spent most of last week debating a new jingle for some video quick-tips. I lost the battle but not the war. We WILL produce micro-tutorials with personality!

We spent the rest of the week debating our InfoComm strategy. Demos and Pubs blended brilliantly in Amsterdam for ISE, but in it was settled that a booth is in order for Orlando.

So don’t forget to come relax at the first ever InfoComm Jetbuilt Microlounge – all 100 square feet of it (Lounge #5689).

And now on to the updates:

Enterprise users can now push any of your Jetbuilt items to your web store with our WooCommerce integration. Like everything else in Jetbuilt, we keep this moving quickly:

You drop a projector into a project. You then realize that you should get this unit into your online store as well. Click “Push to Web Store”, give it a web price and click “Update”. It’s now for sale in your store. 

This is one feature that you have all been asking for:  Auto-saving draft text in Scope and Discussion text fields! 

While editing your text, if you click to another page, Jetbuilt will now ask if you want to discard your work, giving you opportunity to cancel and save. Additionally we are auto-saving your draft text. You can click the new Draft icon to recall the previous version of your text.


We have added a host of new dynamic fields for use in your report pages:

  • Primary Contact Email
  • Primary Contact Phone
  • Project Owner Email
  • Project Description
  • Equipment Total
  • Labor Total
  • Shipping Total
  • Tax Total
  • Project Total

We have added a new pair of company reports for Enterprise: Pipeline by Client, and Pipeline by Client Detail. This pair gives you a clear view of the projects on your radar. 

In addition to showing your upcoming pipeline, you can alternately set the filters to display current or closed projects, allowing you to see historical information as well.