Room Quantities And More!

This weekly update has been delayed due to the recent untenable weather in Southern California. Light but very steady rainfall multiple days over the last month and temperatures actually requiring a hoodie. We are grateful that the worst is behind us and we are pleased to bring you another update.

This week we are pleased to announce a couple of highly requested features as well as some refinements to the application. 


Enterprise users can now define quantities of rooms. This allows for faster estimating and focused presentation of identical conference rooms, classrooms, bedrooms and more


We are pleased to announce our integration with Acumatica ERP. The ERP that shares our vision for the power of collaborative cloud enterprise solutions.


We have made some nice improvements to the way we handle uploading and selecting of images within the designer. In other words: it now works as you would expect it to. 


We are currently testing a feature that helps you automate one of the most discussed areas of our industry: Long-term support programs. You will be able to automate the creation and pricing of these packages and present them as options to your clients within your proposals.

Thanks again for using Jetbuilt and happy quoting.


Paul and the Jetbuilt team