Project Summary Page, e-Sign and more!

Today I attempt to bring you a video update with no edits. There are some interesting features to cover, so here goes:


There is a new proposal page in town: Project Summary. This optional page can be placed anywhere in your proposal groups. Use it to break out the location and system totals of a project – all on a single page. There are options in the Designer to include shipping, taxes and factors in these totals, as well as selecting which columns to present.

Since rooms or systems are often dependent on others, we included a simple way to put an (optional) disclaimer below the list. This disclaimer could also mention that other charges or credits may be added at the end of the proposal.  BTW, our oldSummary page is now more appropriately called the Acceptance page.

Here is an example:

Thanks again for using Jetbuilt. And keep those comments coming!