New Tutorial, Tax Feature, IPhone App

This week we have a lot to show you:

  • A new Sales Tax Discount function
  • The long-awaited iPhone app for PM use
  • A video tutorial on the Pricing Programs feature

As a sales tool one of the ways we help you win projects is through clarity of presentation – not tricky tactics. This is not always the case in automotive sales, as Paul discovered recently…


We just posted a Tutorial for our Pricing Programs functionality. While very simple to use, there’s a lot of hidden power under the hood. Check the video to take full advantage.


Tomorrow we launch our Tax Discount function. (An example would be “Tax Exempt” with a 100% discount). The Description field appears in the tax area on your acceptance page so that your client is made aware. Discounts can be attached to clients for all of their future projects. 


Last week the JetbuiltGO app was released to iPhone for Project Management use in the field.  The Android version is following close behind.

Our iPad app is still the right tool for the job when it comes to mobile quoting and selling.

Thanks again for using Jetbuilt. Until next time!

Thanks again for using Jetbuilt. Until next time!

Paul and the Jetbuilt team