Jetbuilt Growing Pains


Jetbuilt is becoming more and more of a noted platform for estimating in the AV industry. As we grow, we are making big updates not only in features, but in code and databasing efficiencies. Some of these improvements cause issues to old data. We resolve these issues as quickly as they are reported. 

You guys are the initial Jetbuilt users. We will not forget that when our Enterprise solution is rolled out in the coming weeks. Dramatic new features built for multi-location companies, multi-salesperson reporting, deeper customization, alternates, Quickbooks Enterprise integration and much more.  You existing subscribers will be grandfathered into Enterprise for the standard platform price as a thank you for your loyalty to Jetbuilt early on. 

Thanks again, and continue with your comments for improving Jetbuilt!


• New report page type “Blank Slate”. This is perfect for those wanting to create completely original pages- without starting from our formatted templates.

• Fully edit your Bundles. Just click the “Edit” icon near the Bundle Name within the builder. You can add and remove items from that bundle for your current or future projects. 


While most large-scale projects typically have a fully documented AV design from which to bid, sadly the majority AV projects require some or all of the design to to be done just to put together a quote.  We are expressing various solutions to this common issue- please join us June 2, 10AM PST for the webcast.

If you have your own interesting solutions, reply to this email. We have already received many great ideas which we will be sharing, send us yours as well!