Purchase Orders Now Live

Hello from ISE in Amsterdam. As promised, today we launched the Purchase Order functionality inside of Jetbuilt. Now with one click of a button you can generate the POs for every item in your project. Here are a few of the details:

  • Create and name project phases in your company settings
  • Create independent physical and shipping addresses for your company
  • Customize your PO numbering scheme
  • Assign a phase to each item as you drop it into your project
  • Sort your items by phase or by source in the ordering page
  • Ability to mark items as already in stock
  • Create a sorted batch of items and generate all POs with a click


Drop by and say hello if you are at ISE this week. We can hear what we are doing right, learn what we could do better, and show you some of the new things rolling out in Jetbuilt.