Products/Clients Uploader

Thanks again for using Jetbuilt for your AV project estimating. Yes, you can estimate your AV project on your Tesla’s touchscreen as needed (as shown above). We recommend pulling to the side of the road. If your battery ran out, you may already BE on the side of the road:)

Every week Jetbuilt gets better. Here are this week’s updates:


This week we launched our product and client uploader.  In your Product and Client tabs you will now see this “+Upload Products” button (pictured below). Simply upload your data as an Excel or CSV file and we will convert it and set it up for you in your Jetbuilt environment in 24-48 hours. 

There is a link to an example excel file as well so you can see the available fields to upload. Over time we will add more fields based on the feedback from you. Currently all the fields you edit within Jetbuilt today are available to you for upload.


We have listened to your feedback on the Line Item PDF rendering and have made some enhancements so that the columns better align, and options are more gracefully handled.

We are also working to add the Discussion Page to your available page types. You will be able to write as little or as much text (with formatting) in your project, then insert that as one or more pages into your proposal. This is a nice alternative for a scope of work page. You can also use this for findings reports, blue skies reports, and more.

As always, do not hesitate to reply to these emails with any comments or suggestions.