Expiring Assets become Leads!

As many of us have transitioned to working from home I am reminded of how I felt 5 years ago when my own AV company was looking for an estimating and quoting platform. Not only was there not a cloud platform built for our industry, there was tremendous push-back (with attitude and sarcasm) from the existing software companies about the viability of enterprise software in the cloud.

Jetbuilt then pioneered the ability for AV teams around the globe to work remotely without the need for VPN routers, or Excel files emailed back and forth, etc. We didn’t build Jetbuilt for the coronavirus, but we sure did provide a tool that dramatically helps you collaborate with your team remotely in times like this.

Now on to the feature update!

Leads from Assets!

You can now activate “Turn on Leads from Assets” in the Funnel section of your company settings. This will open up these additional options:

You can define the # of days before End of Life or End of Warranty you want to have the lead created. You can optionally have a task created and auto-assigned as well so that the lead is not missed or forgotten.

In each project’s Asset area each item can now be selected to “Create Lead”.

This can be for End of Warranty, End of Life, or both.

You can also bulk-edit the state of these toggles in the Asset List.

Late each night Jetbuilt will run the job to scan your Assets and create leads for any matching items. Multiple items expiring within 30 days of each other will be rolled into a single lead.

The list of items will be included with the Lead description, and a handy link to view the Assets is also included.

Funnel Subscription

This Wednesday, March 25 we will migrate all Funnel trials to subscriptions. If you are loving Funnel and wish to subscribe, just do nothing.

If you have been evaluating Funnel and do not wish to subscribe to Funnel at this time simply remove your team members from Funnel. Do this the same way you added them in Settings/Team. Just uncheck the 3 boxes you see in this image:

If you are new to Jetbuilt or unfamiliar with the power of our optional Funnel Lead Tracking platform, you can learn all about it here:

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Here’s a quick video run through of the Funnel Platform!