Bundles Get Superpowers!

Today we are thrilled to show you the update we have done with bundles! Early next week you will see all the original power of bundles plus:

  • Give your bundle a fully custom name (not tied to the name of any item)
  • Give your bundle a custom image (not tied to an item)
  • Edit the sequence of items within the bundle
  • Push/Pull bundle edits to your database (the same way you do single items)
  • Delete bundles from your database (without disrupting existing projects with those bundles)
  • Create a “one time” bundle, which does not save to your database (helpful for custom or one-time packages where you want to show the closed package to your client, but still account for each item internally)

Here is a short video previewing these updates:

In other news, here is a new tutorial for our Woo Commerce integration. If you do box sales through a web store, you may want to take a look. Push, edit, categorize, and remove items in your web store all from your familiar Jetbuilt environment.