San Francisco Update


Paul tells us some of what is going on in Jetbuilt now and in the next few weeks. Many more interesting announcements are coming- both at InfoComm and in upcoming newsletters.


• View All Rooms in your builder – This is a great new way to see every single item in your project in one (likely very large) list. It is still best to select one room at a time while populating your items, but this feature comes in handy to glance through every item in a single list.

• Move item to another room – Now you can move an item to any other room in your project. Simply click the item, then select the room (the same way you have been able to do for systems).

• When creating a new project, we will now pull in the client’s address fields (when they exist). 

• Improved project search – You can now search Client Name and City in addition to Project Name.