Options/Change Order Tutorial and More

Last week we launched our Change Order functionality. As promised, here is the short tutorial video. The video also covers our “Options” functionality, as they are very much related. Enjoy!


• Copy/Move Items. This new tool allows you to move or copy any number of items from a room to any (or all) other rooms at once. Find this powerful tool in the “Additional Tools” section in the builder.

• Tax on Equipment as an option. We added the ability to select whether or not to tax equipment line by line. You can also set a preference in your company settings.

• Labor and Equipment tax indicators in builder. You can now scan your list of items in the builder and see if labor or equipment is being taxed. Additionally, you can click in the builder list to change the state.


Here is a sneak peek at our new project sharing. Many of you have been wanting to share your projects with sub-contractors, commercial clients, and others.

Additionally, many of your tech savvy clients already self-design or create their RFPs. Now they can do it in Jetbuilt, then simply share the project with you as a hand-off. Watch the video now, then watch for the roll-out on Monday.