Worldwide Pricing


Next week all of you will be able to access your manufacturer direct dealer pricing inside of Jetbuilt. All products available in your currency and region will be seen with your price inside the Jetbuilt builder (to manufacturer authorized dealers only of course).

We will update all International users on Monday to remind you about the update, and the simple instructions for connection to your vendors.

Get ready for faster estimating with integrated pricing!


(Yes, that makes sense if you read it a few times). I know, we are a couple of weeks late on this one. If you saw the video last week (for your enjoyment we are including it here again) you will know that we are working hard to make this update exceed your expectations. 

The new designer will launch in just a few more days. We are making final tests, populating templates and sprinkling it with fairy dust.

Some of the Design features include:
•    Snap to grid of images and text elements.
•    Full formatting of text within each text box.
•    Many many more fonts, and more to come.
•    Limitless color options for boxes, backgrounds and text.
•    Image library to store and pull images from (no need to upload each time).
•    Smart image cropping tool.
•    Image filtering and editing for more stunning photos.

Some of the Line Item features include:

Manufacturer, Model Number and Description are now able to be used individually.
Summary page allows for far more flexibility in displaying totals. (see image below).

Phase 2 of this update will come in another 4 weeks and will include:

  • Project assets and cut-sheets populating as proposal pages.
  • Company logo library.
  • Footer implementation with page numbers and other dynamic fields.
  • Fully edit styling of line item pages.
  • Label all fields on line item pages (for other languages or custom terminology).
  • And more…

Take a quick look at the video showing some of the coming features…