Build and Edit Projects on Your Phone

It’s been a busy time at Jetbuilt!

Last week was our first annual User Summit in Texas, while this week we launched two major features in Jetbuilt: Project Platform on the JetbuiltGO app, and a batch of new Team Permissions and Presets.

Watch the video update here:


We are happy to announce that Project Platform has made it’s way to the JetbuiltGO app. In addition to Funnel and Install processes, you can now build, edit and present projects on your phone. Download JetbuiltGO from the Apple or Google app stores and enjoy the power.

The project list allows you to sort, filter and search for projects the same as you can on web.

The Project Overview page displays all of your critical information as well as the ability to add your Factors, Options and more.

Add or Edit items with full functionality on all data points including Labor Presets, Tags and more.

Render proposals using your company’s report groups. View the reports and send them to your client for consideration.


In the last few weeks we have added more granularity and control of your team permissions. We have broken out many of the Admin roles as well as roles for designers and sales team members to give you more flexibility and control over who can do and see what in the application.

We have also created handy presets which allow you to quickly select batches of permissions based on common uses.

Announced at Summit in Texas we are now developing time tracking for our Install Platform. 

Techs can clock in and out, take their breaks and add work descriptions all on their phones, allowing for precise tracking of time for all projects. 

This data is pushed to the office in real time where you can monitor time and progress on a daily or long-term basis.

As the project carries on, Jetbuilt will present projections against the project’s contracted (As Sold) version.

Time data will also be available on our API for integration into 3rd party payroll, accounting and other processes.

Thanks again for using Jetbuilt!


The Jetbuilt Team