Labor Presets and Funnel Launch!

We have two big launches to talk about today! Funnel, and Labor Presets are both live for your enjoyment.

Check out the video for the rundown:

Paul invites you to come by Jetbuilt booth 15-M245 at ISE Amsterdam for a Funnel Demonstration.

Funnel Platform Launch

Avoid all the reading. Here is a quick tour of Funnel.

You can now build up unique labor presets for all of your item categories. As you use items in projects you can then select from these presets, which will populate the appropriate labor values to that item. The preset sticks to the Item for each future instance and project.

This is a real time-saver for large-scale project estimating and is available in our Enterprise Platform. While it is extremely simple to use, watch for a tutorial video soon.

User Summit 2020

Join us in Dallas March 26 and 27, 2020 for a collaborative time with the Jetbuilt community.