Leverage the Full Power of your Jetbuilt Environment

Client Scanning QR Code on Item

Integrated with our existing Asset tracking, the end user has the ability to scan a QR code on the back of an item that is malfunctioning, thereby creating a service case with a flag to contact the client for additional details and schedule service.

Alternately, your office can create cases when support requests are received by phone or email, whether you originally installed the project or not.

Get a clear and easy overview of all your service cases. See at a glance those that are awaiting a technician to be scheduled, which are critical, which are past-due, and more.

Service Case Dashboard

In the case detail, you see a clear and detailed picture of the case. The timeline view shows the full history of the case from creation, notes and discussions along the way, to case closed. From here you can see if the project is under a service contract or initial warranty period. You can assign your technicians, track expenses and more.

Service Case Detail

The technician receives an alert about the case along with the scheduled task. On their mobile, they can view the full history of the case and notes the client submitted, along with any helpful notes that your engineering team may have added.

The technician sees all the asset information about the item and all associated items from that installation, including serial numbers, warranty information, IP address, login information and more. Additionally, they have access to all files in that project, such as schematics, cut sheets, and manuals.

Jetbuilt "Service" Mobile View


Just reach out to our support team using the smiley chatbox on the bottom right of this screen. They will activate a 30 day evaluation period in your account. They can also schedule a personalised demo over Zoom if you like.

Service is an optional module to Jetbuilt intended to replace a similarly priced tool, while providing far more integrated value. Service starts at $31 per user per month with 10% savings for annual payment.