Give your clients their own dashboard view where they can ask or answer questions, upload or receive project files, view and sign proposals and more.

The Client project list view can be filtered by project stages, with alerts for anything new, such as discussions, files, or a new proposal to view.

Send documents, drawings, cutsheets and more to your client, while providing a clean respoitory for their future reference. Likewise, your clients can upload building plans, site images or video walkthroughs.

As the technicians install the equipment into the project, they are recording vital asset information such as serial numbers, MAC and IP addresses, warranty information and more. All of this can optionally be shared with your client in real time, and with high accuracy. This is not left as a large project for your team at the end of the project.


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Already a Jetbuilt user? Just reach out to our support team using the smiley chatbox on the bottom right of this screen and they can activate an evaluation period in your account. They can also schedule a personalized demo over Zoom if you like.

Client Portal is an optional module to Jetbuilt intended to replace a similarly priced tool, while providing more integrated value. Portal is priced as low as £1.60 per client per month with 10% savings for annual payment.