Newly-received leads, as well as any Jetbuilt project currently in pre-sale stages can all be seen in an easily filterable list.

Quickly Create a New Lead

When a new lead comes in we take in just the essentials to get it into the Funnel. Whether it is your front office entering a lead that came in by phone, or one that came into your inbox:

  • Quickly create a lead from a new or existing client

  • Define the Source of the lead and the Category of project

  • Optionally assign it to a Rep within your team

  • A task is created for that rep to begin working with the lead

The Team Is Notified

Sales Managers, as well as the assigned Rep will be notified about the new lead via email (if they choose to in settings).

Meet The Funnelgraph

Our unique “Funnelgraph” gives you the instant ability to see where you are at with your pipeline. We alert you as the funnel starts to empty.

Jetbuilt can’t fill the funnel for you, but we can give you plenty of indication that it is time to ramp up those marketing efforts.

Timeline View

Click into any lead and your whole team can see a full timeline of email conversations, past and present tasks, notes and more.

Emails are nested into conversations for easy reference. Click the email preview to expand it to full view. Compose new emails, reply to existing threads and loop your team in as needed.

Notes and tasks can be assigned and viewed in the timeline as well. Today is at the top, and you can view the future with just a click.

What’s On My Plate?

With Funnel you will never lose track of what is due or overdue.

In the header, click on one of the Actions to see only what you need to tackle today (or perhaps to see what you didn’t quite get to yesterday).

Your tasks are also listed in the sortable lead list below, along with what is coming up next.

Dynamic Heat Indicator

Jetbuilt’s unique Heat Indicator shows you which projects are prime to close and which might be going cold. The Heat dynamically updates based on communications, progress and more.

Use this to prioritise your time appropriately. Perhaps a cold lead should not hold up a proposal that a hot lead is really hungry for, even though both leads may have time-consuming tasks on the same day.

History Graph That Folds Times

Quickly see how many leads have come in at any range and interval. Compare that with how many proposals and contracts in that same period.

Turn on Time Compensation and and we push forward all proposals and contracts into the same interval as their original leads.

Automate Leads From Previous Projects

Better support for your client and lead-generating power for you comes when you use Jetbuilt over time.

Using Jetbuilt’s Asset Management you can tell Funnel to create new leads as EOW or EOL approaches for any items in your previous projects.

When the time comes, Funnel will create a new lead with that client, notify you of the lead and create a task to present to the client a solution with plenty of time for them to get it into their next budget.


Funnel is active in all Jetbuilt evaluation periods. Want to give Jetbuilt a try now? Click Here

Already a Jetbuilt user? Just reach out to our support team using the smiley chat box on the bottom right of this screen and they can activate an evaluation period in your account. They can also schedule a personalised demo over Zoom if you like.

Funnel is an optional module to Jetbuilt intended to replace a similarly priced tool, while providing more integrated value. Funnel is priced at £24 per user per month or £240 per user annually.