Engineering Services Scaled to Your Changing Needs

Commission CAD drawings, Revit drawings, and even presale engineering as needed, all within the integrated workflow of Jetbuilt.

Create your project in the Builder as you already do in Jetbuilt, populating your equipment line items in their respective locations and systems. Define the scopes of work. If you are needing pre-sale engineering services, simply populate the required functionality and scope of work.

Upload relevant files such as hand-drawn system flows, building drawings, images, videos and notes from site visits. Anything that helps the engineer to grasp the full understanding of the project and requirements.

Request JEL services from within your project. A fresh version will be created for the project you share with the JEL team. Specify which engineering services you are requesting along with any initial notes.

Inside your project you can answer questions from the JEL team and provide further information. This creates an organised thread that your management can monitor while providing a nice log, all in one location.

On your first engagement with the JEL Team they will reach out to coordinate how you’d like your documentation formatted, including colors, font, title block and more. Your preferences will be saved for future projects.

As with drawings you create in-house, you decide what layers you want on the drawings versus separate sheets for various sub-systems (Audio/Video/Control/Network/etc.). Those specifications are unique to each package at your discretion.

Cost Effective Pricing

All prices are in $USD.


Let us know you’re interested in JEL. We’re happy to discuss details, answer questions and get you set up.

Give Tom Peters a call at 949.284.2868 or click the button to send an email.