Jetbuilt Unveils Time Tracking for Install Users

With new Time Tracking feature, Jetbuilt users can track time for payroll, monitor project labor costs in real-time, and efficiently estimate labor for future proposals

Newport Beach, Calif. (Oct. 27, 2020) Jetbuilt, a provider of industry-leading, web-based AV project software, unveils Time Tracking — a highly-requested feature in its Install platform designed to simplify project management, accounting, payroll and other processes. Time Tracking will enable technicians to log their on-site labor. Meanwhile, managers can oversee profits and losses on existing projects with timesheet data, and build reports to estimate project labor for future proposals efficiently.

Time Tracking is designed to streamline data on productivity, project status, future project budgeting, client billing and payroll into a single platform. Jetbuilt’s customizable reporting enables managers and accountants to evaluate previous time-tracking data to evaluate the amount of time projects are actually costing for each type of labor — such as installation, engineering and programming. Reports can be exported to third-party payroll systems and accounting programs to aid in managing payroll and bookkeeping processes.

To clock in with Jetbuilt’s Time Tracking, users can select a project or category (such as company meetings). Within the designated project, users select the type of labor (like installation, engineering or programming). The clock will automatically start running, and it can be paused for breaks or to change the type of labor. Technicians can input descriptions and notes to share with managers. The data is pushed in real time to managers, allowing them to monitor time and project progress on a daily or longer-term basis. As projects develop, Jetbuilt will alert managers on the logged project hours against the quoted project hours, enabling managers to maintain their overhead project costs properly.

Jetbuilt will release additional features, such as geofencing, as Time Tracking continues to evolve to meet Jetbuilt users’ needs. Time Tracking is available to Jetbuilt subscribers at no additional cost on the Install platform. To learn more about Time Tracking, please visit  


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