A Letter from Paul Dexter to Celebrate Jetbuilt’s Monumental AV Awards Shortlist

In 2015, I launched Jetbuilt after personal frustrations with a unique gap in the professional AV industry. As a Grammy-nominated music producer, clients began to ask me to use my ears to design their high-performance systems. It led to 20 years of designing and integrating audiovisual systems into venues and hospitality spaces. Like many other integrators, I used Excel and Word to quote jobs in the early days. It required me to manually look up the items, costs and sell prices, which was very time-consuming and limited my ability to collaborate with a team. I recognized a unique yet impactful gap in the audiovisual industry.

I did not have a desire to start a software company, so I pointed out the gap, requested features and enhancements to existing software solutions, and waited. The interest wasn’t there, so I ultimately jumped in on behalf of audiovisual professionals around the globe who were sharing my frustrations. 

That’s why I founded Jetbuilt. Jetbuilt was designed to streamline overcomplicated processes through a fast, easy-to-use interface that can be accessed anywhere. It empowers industry professionals to quickly build projects, analyze and manipulate budgets with incredible power, and present the most complex projects with clarity. What took days now takes hours, and what took hours now takes minutes, from the flexibility of any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device to help close more projects faster.

We didn’t stop at proposals – we continued to accelerate with new functionality and modules to create a complete solution. Since 2015, Jetbuilt has evolved from a powerful sales tool to an end-to-end project solution. Jetbuilt’s platform continues to innovate with first-of-its-kind features and grow with the changing demands of the audiovisual and custom installation industry. Today, it provides the resources to manage projects by tracking shipped items through the warehouse to the site, creating dedicated project tasks, serial number and warranty tracking for devices, time tracking for tasks and subtasks, service ticket management and much more.

Originally, I designed the platform to solve my own day-to-day challenges. Now, Jetbuilt has become a trusted resource where integrators, consultants, manufacturers, distributors and end-users collaborate together for the good of the project – an initiative we’ve labeled as “Bridging the Silos.” I’m honored to share that AV Magazine has recognized Jetbuilt as a shortlisted finalist for AV Awards Support Technology of Year. We are so grateful for our users – near and far – who have trusted Jetbuilt to enhance their business workflows. It’s been an exciting eight years for Jetbuilt – Here’s to another eight years of accelerating proposals and projects!

– Paul Dexter